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SAMKI GROUP is managed by a group of experienced technocrats from engineering background. We focus primarily on Recycling Plastics and Solid waste management.

With in-depth understanding of technology, markets, management structures, raw materials, manpower requirements and the latest technologies available over the world, we offer you customized solutions.


SAMKITEC Resources is in the field of Plastic Recycling for more than 17 years. We were the first to introduce PET Bottle and CD/DVD recycling in this country. We have also indigenously developed technology to convert mixed plastic waste to fuel / electricity. We can understand any kind of plastics and provide solutions for recycling the same. We have developed a methodology for Tetra Pak Recycling. We have been bringing proven technologies from outside needed for the country. With rich experience and expertise, SAMKITEC Resources offer complete turnkey solutions including Installations, commissioning and training.


We are happy to announce the opening of Southern Chapter of NSWAI - National Solid Waste Association of India in Hyderabad. The idea is to promote sustainable practices in the field of Solid Waste Management in Southern states of India. This chapter of NSWAI will be providing information on all aspects of solid waste management, promote right technologies and practices in the waste management sector.

With available expertise, NSWAI can carry out technical evaluation, provide consultancy services and create a platform for networking for people in the area od solid waste management. Please contact us at : nswaisouth@gmail.com


Pyrogreen Energy Private limited is a special Purpose vehicle for promoting plastic to fuel projects.

Why To Ban Plastics ?

When It Can Be Recycled and Reused

Technology Providers

BMH - Finland


BMH Provides complete solution for Material Recover Facility from the Municipal Solid Waste and Production of RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel). Offers Primary, Secondary and Fines Shredder. Capacities ranging from 15TPH to 60 TPH. Specialized Shredders for directly feeding fuel to Gasification. Complete solution for Material Handling - specializes in Pet handling system. Material feeding system for existing Cements and Energy plants.

Zorg - Switzerland


 European Technology  to convert organic waste into Biogas or Power.

Montalbano - Italy


Total E-waste Recycling Solutions. Eco-friendly technology for recovery and recycling of copper, aluminums, electrical appliances and electronic equipment.

Convaero GmbH - Germany


Technology for drying of SRF / RDF from Municipal Solid Waste through MBT - 'Micro Biological Treatment'

Convaero's Bio-Dry is a highly cost-effective way to dry municipal solid waste (MSW) and biomass, significantly reducing volume and improving the quality.

Dry high quality SRF from MSW - with moisture contents under 20% guaranteed!

ZEN ROBOTICS - Helsinki, Finland


Robotic Waste Separation

ZenRobotics is the world's leading supplier of robotic waste separation technology. The robots accurately separate chosen waste fractions from solid waste streams. Designed to increase the efficiency and lower the cost of waste separation, ZRR is the next generation of recycling.

For more details please contact us.


Offers technology for producing Energy from the segregated Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)


MSW Management

Indian Scenario

The task force headed by K Kasturirangan has proposed a target of setting up 215 Waste to Energy plants by 2031 to generate 1,075 MW of power and has strongly pitched for setting these up through public-private partnerships (PPPs) with viability gap funding of up to 40 per cent.

Viability gap funding is a form of capital subsidy provided by the Government to make the projects financial feasible for private entrepreneurs.

The task force, which submitted its report to the Planning Commission on Monday, also calls for an integrated approach towards municipal solid waste management, stressing the need for segregation of waste at source with private sector help. Since the urban local bodies (ULBs) lack the financial and institutional capacity necessary for integrated management of municipal solid waste, which requires investments, especially for ‘Waste to Energy’ projects, “it is appropriate to transfer the commercial risks to the private sector in order to ensure an efficient system for collection, transportation and processing of waste for generation of electricity,” it says.

Urban India currently generates 1,70,000 tonnes of municipal solid waste a day. Only 19 per cent of this waste is treated and rest (81 per cent) goes to dump sites causing serious problems to health and environment.

In this backdrop, the report proposes that ‘Waste to Energy’ projects can be set up in cities with population above two million, generating more than 300 tonnes per day or more of combustible waste. The report proposes a model scheme for such projects and proposes exemption from corporate income tax for the first five years, immediate refund of value-added tax and a feed-in tariff, which means higher price for renewable energy, among other  things.

(This article was published on May 14, 2014)



The fundamental problem of this country is segregation of the municipal solid waste.

Segregation & sourcing (by the people may not give a complete solution). The best way is to provide Automatic segregation system with an apparel technology such as BMH Technology Oy - Finland.

BMH Provides complete solution for Material Recover Facility from the Municipal Solid waste and production of RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel). Offers Primary, Secondary and Fines Shredder. Capacities ranging from 15TPH to 60 TPH

  • Need for this country is to segregate the Municipal solid waste
  • Internationally proven Technology
  • Several plants are operational globally
  • Recently commissioned 3000 MT per day plant at Bangkok

BMH Technology Oy specializes in turnkey deliveries of SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel) production plants and solid fuel handling systems for power plants and cement kilns.

They do it all: design, build, install, service.

BMH has the latest technology to meet the increasing demands for quality and availability, and for environmental, operational and maintenance requirements. BMH manufactures all key equipment, like screw reclaimers, big shredders, separation equipment etc.

“BMH Technology can handle garbage with a moisture content of 50 – 60 %.”

"2 Shredders of 40 TPH each are working in IL&FS Waste to Energy Plant- Ghazipur and one shredder is working in Ambuja cement"


Pyrogreen Private Limited brings this Unique and Cost Effective Technology to extract Fuel from Waste Plastics. It is a completely automatic plant equipped with all control & safety features.

The process involves Pyrolysis technology which is thermal degradation process in the absence of oxygen. Plastic waste is treated in a cylindrical chamber at temperature of 370°C - 420°C.

The polymer is gently cracked by adding Catalyst and the pyrolysis gases are condensed in a series of condensers to give a low sulphur content distillate .

Input Material Mixed Plastic:

  • Mixed Plastic Scrap – in any form
  • Carry bags (even less than 20 microns)
  • Mono/multilayer pouches & sachets
  • Rigid plastics, Disposable cups
  • Woven sacks, Cable husk, Carpets
  • Thermocoal, Foam, etc...

Output: - Fuel Oil and Carbon Ash


  • Patented Technology
  • Advanced & Commercially Proven Technology
  • Socio Business Model
  • Low Emission Process Easy To Operate
  • Low Maintenance
  • Affordable Catalyst Price
  • Quick Return On Investment
  • Can Accept Any Unsorted Plastics from Municipal Waste
  • Short Recovery Period


E-Waste recycling in India is catching up slowly than expected. Though the Govt. of India claims that more than 800,000 MT of e-waste are generated in India, hardly anyone could get even 20% of this quantity. But there are more than 200, 000 people are engaged in illegal e-waste recycling in India. Efforts to be made to bring the e-waste scrap from the unorganized sector to organized sector.


We represent M/s Montalbano srl (Italy) in India for their technology and plant & machinery to recycle ewaste.


The technology from Montalbano Recycling is affordable, reliable, with optimized Power consumption and can be used for all kind WEEE waste such as Cable, PCB, Electronics items, Copper/Aluminum Radiators and other composite gadgets, instruments, components etc. It is capable of grinding, transporting and separating all the components to be disposed of and recover.

100% Italian technology with the help of the best experts in the field, to fully comply with the new WEEE management system (Legislative Decree 151/2005), while maintaining high levels of productivity while respecting the environment.



SAMKITEC Provides complete solution for recycling any kind of plastics. We source, develop and supply suitable technology for recycling that includes Shredding, Washing, Drying and Extrusion.

All plastics are 100% recyclable in some form or other and SAMKITEC provides solution for the same.

SAMKITEC has developed washing lines as per the material requirement such as PET, PC (CD/DVDs), Nylon, Rigid Plastics from the Batteries, Film grade etc. It is a kind of Tailor made solution.

All our washing lines are fully automated, PLC controlled and of International standards .

Excellent Engineering with Economical Solutions!


Re-cycling of PET bottle is one of the most lucrative businesses as the demand for the Re-cycled PET material is growing rapidly.

Recycling of PET has the following stages:

1. Washing System : Grinding, Washing and Drying - The output is a very clean and Dry PET flakes

2. Extrusion and pelletizing - The output is Amorphous PET resin ( granules)

3. SSP - Solid State Polymerization - to increase the intrinsic viscosity of the PET resin (required in case of Bottle to Bottle recycling)

SAMKITEC provides best technologies for:

  • Sorting System - Bottles/Flakes
  • Metal Detectors/Magnetic Separators
  • Heavy Duty Grinders/Shredders
  • Washing Lines for PET,PP,PE,PC and any other plastics
  • Extrusion System
  • Crystallization System for PET.


Completely Automatic Poly Carbonate Recycling System

SAMKITEC has developed a complete washing line for cleaning of CD/DVDs. This system Grinds the CD/DVDs, removes all printed inks / dyes and output comes out as clean and dry polycarbonate flakes. This system can wash even .


  • No Electricity or Oil/Fuel

    Plasma Heat Technology

    Avoids Land fills

    Reduces the volume of garbage in the ratio of 1/200‐1/300

    No Segregation

    Low Cost & less maintenance

    Compact and easy for mobility



1. Salute Water house, a franchisee for Coca Cola India Ltd - Guntur, AP

2. JNS Poly Technologies - Hyderabad

3. National Moulding Company Limited - Kolkata

4. Moser Baer Limited - New Delhi

5. Futura Polymers - Chennai

6. Royal Southern Company- Cheyyur - Tami Nadu

7. Tan Binh Company - Vietnam

8. Amararaja - Tirupathi 


 9. BR Spinners Limited - Ludhiana

10. Plastic Export Zundert (I) Pvt Ltd - Goa

11. Integrated Rubplas Waste Solutions Limited - Chengelpet - TN

12. Pye Tools Limited - Ludhiana

13. ILFS - Ghazipur

14. ACC Cements

15. Ambuja Cements

16. Holcim India


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